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The Cosanta was launched at 16 Jul 2021 without any pre-mine and coins was distributed between community.

Stand with us and support!

Indeed, we have been working hard ever since we launched Cosanta. Still, we sincerely believe in our idea and keep up with the world, gaining experience and skills on the way to a better future. We are quite optimistic about our project and we are ready to work our heads off! However, we could never be where we are now without you, and our team needs you like never before.

  • Download Cosanta and try it yourself!
  • Tell your friends about Cosanta via social media: share our blog posts, tweets and announcements.
  • Aid us financially.

Donation Addresses

Cosanta CPAU8kgRj3CdyopJ1Xk9juTyDLYCw9MG1S
PirateCash P8qk4DHq6adtuByejkMya4N1uafFfDCTY5
Bitcoin bc1qztj76s4lksdx6a7qt2tkj36s8nyhncky89ne5t
Bitcoin Cash qzv4ft6ygna9fuupld4kz9hwpdlyw3flkv3d958fc0
Litecoin ltc1qqtuc2yq4tgfd3t4kfevvm5e0ulvhurl6fmdslr
DASH XkamTHsnkJPxEo6x1vXcTymNSoRbf3rT7f
DOGE D7EtiG2cG338PD3QFdt2bupAXoVaX3KUxG
Ethereum 0x567647B78744a9A5faB4cB6FF4FaAE05d814e6FC
zCash t1eqpjjLBELVbnYR8iUfd4iJCBDh8KZWniz
GIO GZryExsRvurg5jgfA5pWuczuVpPCoVHhN7